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Whether you wish to live and work in the greatest cities in the world or apply for remote positions, I can help. Companies at global technology, innovation, design and financial hubs are looking for talented people!

I might be able to help you by telling my story and experience, by guiding you through the job search and relocation process, coach and motivate you. Regardless whether you are seasoned freelance designer, junior employee or IT contractor – I am happy to share my knowledge.

Passionate about helping you start a New Life

I am Bence, a Product Designer and User Experience Consultant based in London.
I mainly focus on Fintech and Enterprise Software design.

I started mentoring Product and UX Designers at DesignLab in 2016 – helping them find the right job, review their portfolios and motivate them through the frustrating job search process.

I am also mentoring at RookieUp – you can book a session also here.

You can read more about my experience on LinkedIn

Why choose me? I have been running my UX and Visual Design consultancy for more than 15 years.

"You don’t have to be #1 in the world at something (out of 7 billion people) in order to help others. After all, there are plenty of effective and very successful tennis instructors who aren’t Serena Williams." – Dorie Clark

EY, HSBC, Publicis Sapient, NatWest Markets, Liberty Global, Vodafone and a number of UK and European banks, startups and agencies.

Do career coaches work?

You can expect to get motivation, encouragement and inspiration from a career coach. Having a coach allows you relax a bit during the emotionally challenging job search process.

Should I hire a career coach?

Hiring a coach is very helpful at every point of your life, but especially when you are starting out, during university or college. A good coach can make you more confident, help creating a competitive CV and a suitable career path.

What are the benefits of career coaching?

We can look at the concrete steps you have to take to become successful and find the right position, the sector you want to work in, whether being a contractor or freelancer is a good idea at a specific time.

Why have a career coach?

A coach can support you when making hard decisions and can offer tools you can use, for example CVs, resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Although I will not actually find you a job and a good CV alone is not enough – based on my experience, 5-8 hours of discussions online will make you understand the benefits of career coaching and you will know what to do, where and how to search for a job.

Let's find your path!

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Career Blog

My view on Design Tasks when applying for product design roles

It's up to you whether you apply for a role where the hirers will assess you or not. Some things to consider before doing so:

"Next time anyone gets a design challenge please ask how they assess the test before doing it. How will it be scored/marked, who will be looking at it, as in, what are their credentials, and finally ensure you are able to present your work to a relevant person rather than just emailing it in. If any of that is missing in the process or doesn’t seem like they are running it right then I wouldn’t waste your time." Source

London is the Second Silicon Valley

Last year, one tech company was formed every hour in London. Businesses attracted an impressive £3bn in venture capital investment.

The UK's tech startup industry is second in the world to Silicon Valley for being the most-connected tech ecosystem globally, and even with a global pandemic, things are still running well.

Read more here.

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